Site Survey of Stock

This concepts works in with the site survey and as part of Britrac’s service, we offer to conduct a complete survey of all stock listed items on the inventory. Britrac would establish if there is a “double up” on items and present the findings to the relevant personnel in the procurement department and also the end user to determine why there is a duplication of a particular item.

There would be definite savings in reducing stock levels and through Britrac’s continuous improvement process, Britrac would ensure that the correct item was used for that job.


Conveyor Belts

Belts, Rollers, Skirting, Frames, Structures, Splice Kits through to complete systems ..

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Full maintenance services for conveyor belts, plant fitting, gearboxes, design & fabrication ..

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Tech Services

- Mechanical
- Conveyor
- Drafting &

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Products & Parts

Britrac currently have distributor ships with the industries leading manufacturers in products & parts

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Plastic Lining

Britrac provides, supplies & installs all types of industrial plastic linings

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