Britrac Safety Policy


BRITRAC Australia Pty Ltd recognises and accepts that it has a legal and moral obligation to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors engaged by the company and personnel working within or near BRITRAC work activities. Our safety philosophy is quite simple:

 Reduce risk wherever possible by thinking about how work will be done, before we start, so that risk is reduced to the lowest practicable level;

 Make sure that people are sufficiently skilled and trained to work safely;

 Ensure that the equipment and tools used and provided by BRITRAC are safe to operate;

 Check that BRITRAC work environments are safe and tidy; and

 Investigate incidents to find out how to stop it from happening again.

 All BRITRAC employees and contractors engaged by the company are expected to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities under relevant Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and the BRITRAC Safety Management System.

 As a service provider we also recognise that our safety performance has a direct impact on our clients’ safety performance. With this in mind, BRITRAC will always endeavour to cooperate with and work within the safety systems used by our clientele. All BRITRAC employees, including management, shall make themselves aware of our clients’ safety needs and abide by them.


Brian Steele 

Managing Director

BRITRAC Australia Pty Ltd